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T-Rex is extinct

  • T-Rex is extinct

Tony Williams needs to be dropped to the bench at the very least and this needs to be done pronto. For a guy that gets paid $650K large to run through and over the top of opponents, he is embarrassingly getting stopped at the advantage line by players quarter of his size as his last outing poorly highlighted.

Coach Des Hasler is a in a bit of a dilemma, you see, he coached Williams at Manly and brilliantly turned him from a so-so winger to a destructive back rower who went on to win a championship along the way picking up a NSW origin and Kangaroos test jersey.  

Prior to 2013 T-Rex was the most destructive ball runner in the game splitting opposition defenses and trampling would be tacklers like Jonah Lomu used to do regularly to the English in his heyday. He was quite the player, a destructive force of nature that had opposition players shaking in their boots at the thought of trying to defend him and team mates blatantly shoveling the ball into his hand as if to say, run it big fella!

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But that was then, this is now.

Williams has played the majority of the dogs games from 2013 to today and I can only recall his good games on one hand and out of those games none have been a dominant man of the match performance.  You can cut him slack in year one as he needs to get used to his new team mates and new style of footy. In year two you expect most of his games to be above average with the odd one top shelf.  This year every Bulldogs fan should rightly expect a dominant Williams to be at his destructive best consistently, instead what we are getting is a player that looks like his confidence is shot, he is producing schoolboy errors weekly, refuses to wind up and run at the line instead is flat footed and his first thought is to pass the footy instead run.  It is high time coach Hasler bites the bullet and drops the overpaid backrower to at least the bench if not to NSW cup.  His form does not warrant a start, hence why he was never mentioned in rep circles for City Origin and would not be good enough for a water boy role in the NSW squad. 

He is going that bad!

The best thing for Williams and the team is a stint in NSW cup to regain his confidence and return to first grade with zest when that time comes, but at the moment you have Frank Pritchard on the bench who contributes more than the struggling Williams and a couple of young bucks in reserve grade who deserve a spot on the bench ahead of him.  

Hopefully the man they call "T Rex" can prove the doubters wrong (me included) and produce some consistent barnstorming performances in the upcoming weeks, however judging by the amount of time spent on the sidelines on the weekend with Hasler preferring Pritchard, this could be a glimpse into the future.  One would assume Hasler like the fans is running out of patience and T Rex time in first grade may be on borrowed time.

If he continues to under perform like his dinosaur nickname he too may find himself extinct.

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